National Biscuit Day – have you had your oats today?

Most people agree there’s nothing better than a brew with a biscuit! Today, 29th May 2019, is National Biscuit Day, so indulge yourself and bring out the biscuit tin!

felicity baking oatie biscuitsOatie Biscuits are the best!

On arriving at Hoe Grange in the Peak District ready for your holiday the first thing you’ll want to do is pop the kettle on for a refreshing cup of tea.

There’s nothing better than to relax with a cuppa and tuck into one of our special home-baked Oatie biscuits.

Our tasty Oatie biscuits are extremely tasty and full of oats and natural ingredients, so they must be good for you!

What’s your favourite biscuit?

Biscuits are as British as fish and chips, a full English Breakfast or a Sunday roast.

National Biscuit Day has us all contemplating our favourite biscuits. Over half the British population prefer the chocolate digestive, but then they haven’t tasted our special Hoe Grange Oaties!

Oatie biscuits to welcome guests

The iconic digestive biscuit was created in 1892 by Sir Alexander Grant, whose secret recipe is still used by McVitie today. They got their name because they contained bicarbonate of soda which was considered to aid flatulence and help digestion. Nowadays they are covered in chocolate and make the perfect dunking biscuit.

Do you like to dunk your biscuit?

Why do we like to dunk our biscuits? Well, believe it or not, there is a scientific reason behind it making your biscuit extra tasty. Dunking your biscuit releases more flavour as the hot liquid dissolves the sugars in the biscuit and softens the texture.

National biscuit day Oatie biscuitsDunking goes back to Roman times as they dunked their biscuits in wine, can’t fault that! It was then brought back into popularity by sailors in the 16th century. Biscuits on ships were so hard and dry that sailors would dunk them in their beer ration to soften them up. I’m sure soldiers in the trenches in World War 1 also dunked their biscuits to make them more edible.

Dunking a biscuit into a hot cup of tea is now a time-honoured tradition, so on National Biscuit Day why not give it a go?.

The chocolate digestive is the ultimate dunking biscuit, and can withstand a whole 8 seconds thanks to its chocolate coating.

HobNobs, Ginger Nuts and our own Oatie biscuits don’t fare so well and only last for 3 to 4 seconds. #NationalBiscuitDay

However, be warned, dunking can be dangerous!

Did you know a 2009 study found 25 million people in the UK had been injured by biscuits – mostly by scalding themselves fishing out soggy bits dropped into a steaming cuppa. If your favourite biscuit is a custard cream be extra wary as they are the worst offenders for this!

We don’t know about you, but all these fab photos of our Oatie biscuits captured by talented photographer Matt Owen has made my mouth water?national biscuit day bakeAs it is National Biscuit Day, I’ve been baking again, so I’m off to pop the kettle on and get the biscuits of out the oven. I bet you can’t resist reaching for a biscuit now you’ve seen these.

Baked with love

Book a holiday at Hoe Grange, in a log cabin, a glamping pod, or our Gypsy caravan and you’ll get to taste our delicious Oatie biscuits as part of our #LoveLocal welcome pack.Welcome pack

Baked with love, our Oatie biscuits have a few luxury ingredients added in, including dried cranberries and chocolate chips. What a tasty treat to start your holiday in the stunning Peak District countryside!