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Top 10 things to do on a rainy day in the Peak District

Don’t be down hearted if it’s wet and windy on your holiday, there are still plenty of things to do on a rainy day in the Peak District.

Whether you love a little retail therapy, getting creative, discovering fascinating facts about local history or seeking adventure down a mine, there is something to appeal to all ages and interests.

Top 10 things to do on a rainy day

Don’t let a little rain stop play! Here’s our top ten ideas to stay dry and make the most of a rainy day in the Derbyshire Peak District.

1. Go underground!

It may be wet up top but the Peak District is renowned for it’s many caverns and show caves. Unique to the Derbyshire Peak District is the beautiful mineral stone Blue John, with its purple-blue or yellowish distinctive bands.

Treak Cliff Cavern

So, head on up to Castleton, and take an underground tour of one of the Blue John mines, either Blue John Cavern or Treak Cliffe Mine.

2. Life as a lead miner

Did you know lead has been mined in the limestone areas of the Peak District since Roman times? The Romans were the first to exploit lead on an industrial scale. By the 18th and 19th Centuries lead production was at its peak, with Britain the main lead producer of the world.

Lead mining in Peak District

There were hundreds of small lead mines across the southern Peak District. Mine shafts were often worked by families with the men going underground, whilst the women and children hauled the lead up to the surface to separate it out over an open fire. A dangerous occupation in many ways! Gradually lead mining declined and until the last mine, Magpie mine, was shut down in the 1950’s.

You can discover how tough the life of a lead miner was at the Peak District Lead Mining Museum in Matlock Bath, with an underground tour of Temple Mine.

3. Stop for a little Retail therapy

When you stop at the traffic lights, I bet you don’t think who designed them? You will after you GO to the David Mellor Design Museum, where you will also recognise a few familiar street items such as bus shelters and post boxes.

David Mellor Design MuseumHowever the internationally famous designer David Mellor specialised in metal work and was perhaps best known for his cutlery and silver designs. His son Colin now head up the business.

You can take a tour of the iconic Round Building which is a purpose-built cutlery factory, or while away a few hours in the shop which is a real Aladdin’s cave full of beautifully designed handmade crafts.

4 Nothing better than a good brew

Thornbridge brewery Thornbridge Brewery produces the iconic Jaipur IPA which is one of David’s favourite beers! The brewery was originally set up at Thornbridge Hall in 2005 but the beers proved so popular the brewery moved to the state of the art facility at Riverside in Bakewell to meet demand for production.

Take a brewery tour behind the scenes; you won’t find out the secret recipes, but you will see the brewing process and get to taste the most delicious award-winning beers.

5. Enter the world of make believe

Scarthin Books Cromford Get lost in a good book! Why not pop along to Scarthin Books at Cromford and spend the afternoon browsing the book shelves.

There is so much choice, from the latest publications to second hand and antique titles. There is also a delightful café (serving excellent cake!) and a small exhibition of curiosities on the first floor.

6. Leave this world completely

Experience gaming in full virtual reality mode. This fully interactive experience at PulseVR is not just for dedicated gamers, but fun for the whole family.

Not interested in gaming at all I wasn’t looking forward to the VR session booked for our son’s birthday. However I have to say that interacting in the world of dragons and trolls to defend our fort as a team I became totally immersed. It’s so realistic;I even tried to lean on a VR wall to stand up and of course fell flat on my face!!

7. Get crafty

Clay RoomsGet creative at Sticky Fingers in Ashbourne where you can while away a wet day painting a pot, creating a mosaic or decopatch.

If sculpture and clay are more your thing then The Clay Rooms run creative workshops or you can simply use their professional facilities to do your own thing. I had great fun with a group of friends at Christmas creating  little clay Robins.

8. Go potty

At Denby Pottery you get a tour of the actual production line, where you can watch the paintress painting in glaze. It’s a great hands on experience; you can have a go at painting on plates yourself and learn about mould making before making your own souvenir to take home.

Finish off the day by picking up a great bargain in the extensive Denby Factory Shop

Royal Crown Derby is world renowned for its ornate fine bone china products. Again you can take a factory tour and watch the china being skilfully hand painted – a real art which takes years of practice to perfect.

9 Historic houses

Step back in time and visit one of the amazing historic houses in the Peak District.  Sudbury Hall houses the Museum of Childhood, which is great for a rainy day. There are displays of some of my childhood toys, so I must be getting old!

Other National Trust properties include Kedleston Hall with its iconic Adams interiors and Ilam Park  near Dovedale. Haddon Hall is an amazing example of a Medieval Manor House which remained untouched over the years, unlike many others.  Chatsworth House is often referred to as the Jewel of the Peak District and this seasons exhibition “The Dog” celebrates man’s best friend in dramatic style with this incredible scaffold sculpture.

Chatsworth House

10 Get wet anyway!

Hathersage Outdoor Swimming Pool is open all year round and it doesn’t matter if it’s raining or not as you are going to get wet anyway!

The pool is heated to 28 degrees and is lovely and warm and you can have a hot shower after your dip. They also have evening sessions.

Hathersage swimming pool

Hathersage swimming pool was originally opened in 1936 as part of the King George V Memorial field which included tennis courts, playing fields, a sand pit and a band stand, sadly all long gone. The swimming pool is one of the few Lidos left in the UK and is a fun family day out – if it’s not raining you can take a picnic along!

If water sports are you’re thing you can also go sailing, stand up paddle boarding or go fly fishing at Carsington Water just 3 miles from Hoe Grange.

Rain need not spoil your holiday with us. As you can see there are plenty of wet weather activities to keep you occupied on a rainy day in the Peak District. I am sure we haven’t covered them all and you may have a few ideas of your own!


National Biscuit Day – have you had your oats today?

Most people agree there’s nothing better than a brew with a biscuit! Today, 29th May 2019, is National Biscuit Day, so indulge yourself and bring out the biscuit tin!

felicity baking oatie biscuitsOatie Biscuits are the best!

On arriving at Hoe Grange in the Peak District ready for your holiday the first thing you’ll want to do is pop the kettle on for a refreshing cup of tea.

There’s nothing better than to relax with a cuppa and tuck into one of our special home-baked Oatie biscuits.

Our tasty Oatie biscuits are extremely tasty and full of oats and natural ingredients, so they must be good for you!

What’s your favourite biscuit?

Biscuits are as British as fish and chips, a full English Breakfast or a Sunday roast.

National Biscuit Day has us all contemplating our favourite biscuits. Over half the British population prefer the chocolate digestive, but then they haven’t tasted our special Hoe Grange Oaties!

Oatie biscuits to welcome guests

The iconic digestive biscuit was created in 1892 by Sir Alexander Grant, whose secret recipe is still used by McVitie today. They got their name because they contained bicarbonate of soda which was considered to aid flatulence and help digestion. Nowadays they are covered in chocolate and make the perfect dunking biscuit.

Do you like to dunk your biscuit?

Why do we like to dunk our biscuits? Well, believe it or not, there is a scientific reason behind it making your biscuit extra tasty. Dunking your biscuit releases more flavour as the hot liquid dissolves the sugars in the biscuit and softens the texture.

National biscuit day Oatie biscuitsDunking goes back to Roman times as they dunked their biscuits in wine, can’t fault that! It was then brought back into popularity by sailors in the 16th century. Biscuits on ships were so hard and dry that sailors would dunk them in their beer ration to soften them up. I’m sure soldiers in the trenches in World War 1 also dunked their biscuits to make them more edible.

Dunking a biscuit into a hot cup of tea is now a time-honoured tradition, so on National Biscuit Day why not give it a go?.

The chocolate digestive is the ultimate dunking biscuit, and can withstand a whole 8 seconds thanks to its chocolate coating.

HobNobs, Ginger Nuts and our own Oatie biscuits don’t fare so well and only last for 3 to 4 seconds. #NationalBiscuitDay

However, be warned, dunking can be dangerous!

Did you know a 2009 study found 25 million people in the UK had been injured by biscuits – mostly by scalding themselves fishing out soggy bits dropped into a steaming cuppa. If your favourite biscuit is a custard cream be extra wary as they are the worst offenders for this!

We don’t know about you, but all these fab photos of our Oatie biscuits captured by talented photographer Matt Owen has made my mouth water?national biscuit day bakeAs it is National Biscuit Day, I’ve been baking again, so I’m off to pop the kettle on and get the biscuits of out the oven. I bet you can’t resist reaching for a biscuit now you’ve seen these.

Baked with love

Book a holiday at Hoe Grange, in a log cabin, a glamping pod, or our Gypsy caravan and you’ll get to taste our delicious Oatie biscuits as part of our #LoveLocal welcome pack.Welcome pack

Baked with love, our Oatie biscuits have a few luxury ingredients added in, including dried cranberries and chocolate chips. What a tasty treat to start your holiday in the stunning Peak District countryside!


Discover the starry skies of the Peak District

When planning holidays in the countryside we often only consider what we will do with our days, but what about the nights? With our big, open skies you’ll be amazed at the star studded skies as you sit on the decking outside your log cabin in the complete darkness. The Peak District is the perfect place for getting away from the bright city lights giving you an opportunity to view the sky at night in all it’s glory.

The sky at night

Over the past 100 years or so, our skies have become more difficult to view as man-made light pollution obscures the stars. However at Hoe Grange we are fortunate to be in one of the dark sky areas of the Peak District. Being so far away from towns and streetlights our night skies are truly dark, and you can still get a brilliant view of the twinkling stars above.

Burbage Edge

On a clear night there is nothing better than lying on the grass, gazing up at the starry sky and soaking in the peace and quiet or even better from the hot tub! If you are into astronomy and have a telescope, why not bring it along on your holiday?

Dark Sky Places

Don’t just take our word for it! The Peak District National Park Authority, Nottingham Trent University and the Science and Technology Facilities Council have collaborated to identify dark sky discovery sites where the conditions for stargazing are good.

One of the three designated dark sky sites is at Minninglow car park just a couple of miles along the High Peak Trail from Hoe Grange.

Dark Sky Places in the Peak District

There are three dark sky sites in the Peak District with astronomy interpretation panels to help you explore the night skies. The panels are changed each season.

  • Minninglow, off the A515 at Pikehall (nearest postcode DE4 2PN)
  • Surprise View, off the A6187 near Hathersage
  • Parsley Hay, off the A515 near Hartington (nearest postcode SK17 0DG)

Explore the universe with the help of these BBC interactive Star Guides and Calendars 

The Wirksworth StarDisc

If you are interested in astronomy and stargazing why not visit The Star Disc, situated at the top of Stoney Wood, near Wirksworth. It is a stunning space created by local artist Aidan Shingler to celebrate the wonders of the night sky.

The stunning StarDisc spans 12 metres. Carved into black granite is a star chart that mirrors the northern hemisphere’s night sky. The stone circle is inscribed with the constellations, their names, and a depiction of the Milky Way. Contrasting with the dark stone star chart is a perimeter of silver granite with 12 seats which represent the months of the year. Best viewed y night, 72 lights illuminate the StarDisc, powered by our nearest star – the Sun.
In close proximity to the StarDisc are six Solar Calendar Stones, positioned by local engineer, Keith Hunter, to show precisely where the sun rises and sets at the solstices and the equinox.

Location: Stoney Wood, Wirksworth, Derbyshire, DE4 4EN
Latitude: 53.0859 N Longitude: 1.5781 W
Grid Reference: SK 28356 54381

Wirksworth Stardisc

Did you switch off for Earth Hour?

Talking of dark skies did you show support for WWF Earth Hour on Saturday 30th March? Hundreds of landmarks across the UK switched off their lights as a visual display of their commitment to the future of our planet – The Shard, Piccadilly Circus, Big Ben, London Eye, Buckingham Palace, and Edinburgh Castle to name a few.

The world’s most iconic landmarks also switched lights off to show support – such as the Sydney Opera House, Empire State Building, the Eiffel Tower and the Taj Mahal.  And millions of you switched off too! #EarthHourUK

Growing support for Earth Hour has helped WWF find solutions for the environmental challenges faced the world over. This includes influencing national climate policies, planting new forests in Uganda, and banning plastic in the Galapago.

The problem is we think we have time. But for a future where people and nature thrive we need to act now! Make a start by calculating your environmental footprint.


Everything you need to know about bringing your horse on holiday

Hoe Grange is a popular destination for those who want to bring their horse on holiday. Our stunning Peak District countryside is undulating and interesting to ride through. Trekking along you always want to discover what lies over the next hill or round the next bend.

You can stay in a cosy log cabin, a gorgeous glamping pod or even a vintage gypsy caravan – the choice is yours!

bring your horse on holiday

Riding holidays are a fabulous way of exploring the area, it’s amazing what you can see from the back of horse that you might miss when walking on foot or in a car.

10 reasons why bringing your horse to Hoe Grange is so popular!

  1. On arrival the tarmac  farmyard is large and ideal for unloading and there is plenty of space for manoeuvring. There’s no need to worry about reversing your trailer or parking your horse box.
  2. All 6 stables are sturdy and spacious with plenty of room for larger horses and are disinfected ready for your use.
  3. The farm is in a peaceful location and horses who arrive on holiday quickly settle in the grazing paddocks. There are two paddocks which can be split up into smaller areas with electric tape if you need to separate horses from one another.
  4. Your horse will love munching on our Hoe Grange hay – our meadows are sustainably managed and the grass is sweet.
  5. Tally ho! There is plenty of scope for a good gallop across the farm fields!
  6. As riders ourselves we know all the best riding routes and can help you make the most of your horsey holiday. We have some amazing off-road trails and bridleways. Unsurprisingly the most popular ride is over the hill to the pub for a pint!
  7. BHS Weclome HorsesHoe Grange Holidays is accredited with the British Horse Society Horses Welcome Scheme, which means you can book with confidence knowing that your horse will have 5 star accommodation! Also we only take one group of horses at a time which is better for infection control.
  8. After a long days riding you can relax back on the decking and watch your horses and ponies at play in the paddock – a real treat especially if your horse is at livery and not kept at home.
  9. FirepitHoe Grange is a great place for groups and we offer extra experiences for you all to enjoy. What better way to spend the evening than toasting marshmallows round the fire-pit, relaxing in the log-fired hot tub under the stars, or creating and cooking your own pizzas in the outdoor pizza oven?
  10. local produce delivered to your glamping podIf you want to self-cater you can order #LoveLocal Peak District groceries to be delivered to your log cabin or glamping pod ready for your arrival. Or if you fancy a complete break from the kitchen we know the best places to eat out. We can recommend some amazing local pubs – we’ve made it our mission to try them all out especially for you – it’s a hard life!

There are many more reasons to choose Hoe Grange Holidays if you want to bring your horse on holiday. If like Oliver and I you have joined the Your Horse #hack1000miles challenge you will definitely have the opportunity to clock up some extra miles during your holiday in the Derbyshire hills.

The Peak District is also quite hilly so your horse should go home really fit.

If you want to know more watch our video of Frequently Asked Questions on bringing your horse on holiday or contact us via email

Happy Hacking!



Free electric car charging for your eco-friendly holiday

Electric car charging is the new must have for quality holiday accommodation and the eco-friendly holiday! The popularity of electric and hybrid cars is increasing, and technology has improved in leaps and bounds. However owners of electric cars can understandably be cautious about bringing them on holiday.
Electric car charging can be a worry as there aren’t many charging stations, particularly in rural areas. People are unsure if they will have the facility to recharge the batteries at their holiday home. As the name suggests, the “Peak District” is quite hilly, so mileage range will be somewhat decreased.
Rest assured at Hoe Grange you can recharge your car batteries, as well as recharging your own energy levels! Simply plug in, sit back, relax and enjoy the beautiful countryside views from our self-catering log cabins and glamping pods.
Recharge your batteries for free!
Some holiday home owners require payment for electric car charging guests’  vehicles. Here at Hoe Grange, we want to encourage the use of electric cars to minimise the effect of tourism on our special environment. So we offer FREE car charging to our guests for your eco-friendly holiday. 
We use an extensive range of renewable technologies including solar and wind power to generate our own electricity, so luckily it doesn’t actually cost so much!
Fast charging
Ahead of the trend we have for years allowed people to recharge their electric cars for free whilst staying at Hoe Grange. In the past electricity car charging has been a slow charge via external 13 amp or 32 amp sockets.
We have now added the latest high tech 16amp Rolec 3 phase fast charger,
which we use to charge our own hybrid Mitsubishi Outlander. This means you can get out and explore the Derbyshire Peak District to the full without worry, and can quickly recharge your car ready for the next day. Several guests recently have charged my dream car, the Tesla.
The technical stuff

For those that need the technical info, our charger has a type two socket with removable cable. The cable we have has the Type 1 plug at the car end to fit the Outlander as well as most Japanese and American based cars.

Tesla cars need the Blue cable supplied with the car.
If in doubt as to the charger type your car uses, please see the images below. If still not sure why not bring along your own cable? As long as it has a type 2 plug at the socket end it will work. Of course if you have a smaller 13 amp household socket charger we can still use this type for an overnight charge.
Type 1 plug for japanese and American cars
Type 2 socket UK standard
Book now to stay in our log cabins or glamping pods for a full recharge for both you and your electric car!
#GoodreasonstostayatHoeGrange #electriccarcharger #chargemycar #chargemytesla #carchargeingnetwork
#uniquedistrict #farmstayuk

Introducing Rose Hip, could this Gypsy caravan be our lucky charm?

At a recent local farm auction our heads ruled our hearts when we purchased this traditional Romany horse drawn caravan, which we have christened Rose hip!

This horseshoe top Gypsy caravan is known as an “open lock” which means it has no front door but a detachable canvas cover which zips open like a tent and can be completely removed in seconds.

At the time it needed a bit of work to bring it up to the high standards that our guests are used to, so I have been busy landscaping the area where it will sit. Meanwhile Felicity has been very busy adding some very intricate art work in a traditional style, making new soft furnishings and adding the finishing touches. 

The traditional layout has a raised double bed which slides out when required, with a large storage cupboard underneath. There are bench seats on each side with a small set of draws, which double up as a bedside shelf. There is a small foldable table and other little nooks and crannies are used for storage.

Two outdoor seats on the very front provide the perfect spot for sitting in the evening with a G&T or glass of wine whilst enjoying the uninterrupted views down the valley.






Although there are no cooking facilities in the caravan there is a fire pit/BBQ for authentic outdoor cooking. However if the weather is unkind or you just can’t be bothered there is a toaster, kettle and microwave in the new reception block in the yard. There is also a spacious shower room with underfloor heating, and we even provide a torch so you won’t trip up in the dark!

Don’t worry you are not completely without modern comforts as we have installed a 12 volt LED lighting system, phone charging point and the WI-FI reaches down to the site – although many of you may wish to be disconnected from the hustle and bustle of the digital world!





Be one of the first to experience this romantic bolt hole with views to die for!

See more details here

Book now Click here to see prices and availability.

Sorry no children or pets



4 Star Gold Awards for our luxury log cabins

VisitEngland 4 StarVisitEngland Gold AwardWe love our luxury log cabins and are delighted the VisitEngland assessor loved them too!

At our recent inspection we retained our 4 Star Gold Awards rating through the VisitEngland Quality Assessment Scheme.

4 Star Gold Award

Star ratings are not only awarded on the quality of our facilities, but also on the services provided and our hospitality. The inspection covers all aspects of the business and visitor journey, from initial enquiry and the website through to guest stay and departure. To gain the extra Gold Award in addition to the 4 Star rating shows that our standards and customer service are extremely high.

VisitEngland 4 Star Gold Awards

Like the Hotel Inspector Alex Polizzi on the television the VisitEngland assessor is extremely thorough, checking everything from cleanliness, to pots and pans and ensuring mattresses are springy and comfortable. No stone is left unturned – tops of wardrobes, under beds, backs of cupboards, all the nooks and crannies are checked!

Top Team

Thanks to our amazing team of hardworking housekeepers I am delighted to say that the inspector reported “The underlying levels of cleanliness were found to be very high” and “sanitary ware is sparkling”! She also praised the wide selection of accessories and lovely personal touches.

National Accessible Scheme

The Inspector also assessed our disabled facilities and we are proud to have retained our National Accessibility Scheme ratings for Mobility, Visual and Hearing. The inspector was impressed with the excellent provision of mobility aids including an off road wheelchair. You can read more about this in our next blog, or view our disabled holiday accommodation.

Welcome Cyclists, Walkers and Families

In addition to the star rating we also have extra facilities and provisions to Welcome Families, such as highchairs and travel cots, toys and games. Hoe Grange is an ideal base for exploring the Peak District countryside so to Welcome Cyclists and Walkers we have route maps, washing facilities, puncture repair kits and secure cycle storage for guests to leave their bikes.

Why bother with inspections?

We value the inspection process as an excellent way for us to ensure we have everything in tip top condition ready for your arrival. We continually strive to improve our log cabins and gorgeous glamping pods so you can relax and enjoy your holiday to the full. It’s all the little things that make the difference, such as new Denby pottery mugs, our #LoveLocal welcome pack of Peak District goodies and up to date leaflets to inspire you to visit our amazing local attractions.

A good nights sleep

Hip;ley master bedroomAlthough the inspection is once a year we have a continual improvement plan in place to renew and improve our facilities on an ongoing basis . For example in January we refreshed Hipley master bedroom, which now has a sumptuous superking bed. With the new mattresses guests have the flexibility for the bed to be split into 2 singles if staying as a group of friends rather than a couple.

To add a contemporary touch I also bought a beautiful new print of Wirksworth skyline for the wall from a local artist.

New for 2018

Pizza ovenThere is nothing better than food with friends so why not treat yourself to a fun evening and hire the outdoor pizza oven. To make things easy we provide the oven and logs, together with the pizza dough and passata. All you have to do is provide the cheese, your favourite toppings and then get cooking.

Our new #LoveLocal shop and laundry room is also nearly complete – watch this space for further news!

guest reviewI believe that our guests appreciate the effort we go to to maintain our high standards. However don’t just take our word for it; we have some wonderful comments in the guest book or read what our guests say about us on TripAdvisor.

Every picture tells a story, so why not take a peek inside our gorgeous log cabins with our new 3D virtual tours!

We look forward to welcoming guests both old and new in 2018!



Things to do this Easter in the Peak District

The Peak District is the perfect location for some family fun this Easter. Whether you’re staying in the Peak District for the week and using Hoe Grange as a central base, or simply in need of the perfect family day out.

With so much on offer for the whole family, you’ll be torn between the fantastic events that are taking place across Derbyshire.We’ve also included our top recommendations for those who require accessible activities.

Carsington Water

Boma at Carsington

As the weather starts to brighten-up why not dive into your adventurous side at Carsington Water? There is a wide range of outdoor activities, and everyone can get in on the action. Why not get out on the water with Sailability on one of the accessible sailing dinghies? 

Take part in the Kayaking or windsurfing taster over the bank holiday weekend or hire a bike from just £11 for two hours and make the most of their excellent cycle routes, accessible bikes are available too. Book in advance to avoid disappointment.  

See our favourite cycle routes in the Peak District here.

Chatsworth House

Image credit: Chatsworth House

Chatsworth House provides an excellent range of Easter activities and family fun from the 24th March – 8th April. Let the kids join in on the famous Easter Egg Hunt and chase after the Easter bunny, whilst you explore the breath-taking Chatsworth gardens. Chatsworth has something for everyone, book tickets online to avoid missing out.

Cromford Mills

cromford mills

Cromford Mills have an exciting Easter weekend planned for the whole family. Considered as the birthplace of the factory system, what happened at Sir Richard Arkwright’s first mill complex in the 1770’s changed the world we live in. Children can have fun on the Easter egg hunt trail and learn a little about our industrial heritage at the same time. You can meet the barn owls and there are also outdoor and indoor games (incase it rains!). There’s also a canal boat trip, barbeque and market stalls – something for all the family. The visitor centre is wheelchair accessible and there is a changing places toilet at Cromford Wharf.  

The good news is that the event is free, although some activities have a small charge, for more information click here.

Leawood Pumphouse

Leawood Pump HouseFor those interested in engineering if you wander further along the canal you will find Leawood Pumphouse built in 1849 to pump water from the River Derwent into Cromford Canal.

The unique 1849 Graham & Co. beam engine is powered by steam from two locomotive style boilers built by the Midland Railway around 1900, and is very impressive in action. Although over 150 years old it is in full working order and will be in steam on 1st and 2nd April. Read more about our stroll along the Cromford Canal and visit to Leawood Pumphouse.

 Crich Tramway Village




Crich Tramway Village has two events over the Easter period. For family fun with the little ones, take part in the Make-do-and-mend activity days, open from Monday 26th to 29th March.

Or turn back the clocks on Easter Sunday and Monday for World War II Home Front event and step into 1945. There will be a mix of live music, wartime road and military vehicles and vintage trams. Enter into the spirit of the event and dress up in 1940’s clothes, and you’ll pay a reduced admission charge!

The Heights of Abraham

image credit: Visit Peak District

One of the Peak District’s most popular destination, The Heights of Abraham is perfect for a Family day trip. Step onto one of the cable cars and be prepared to be wowed by the fantastic views. Head underground to experience a day in the life of a 17th Century lead mining family. Or, if you fancy a walk, take the woodland path of the heritage walk, known as the ‘savage garden,’ famous for its natural beauty and zig-zag paths. And if that doesn’t tire out the kids, let them take part in the dinosaur egg hunt or burn off all their energy at the adventure playground. 

There’s so much to do this Easter in the Peak District, from Kayaking to Easter Egg hunts, get ready to explore with the whole family. We hope you’ve found our ideas helpful! 


It’s time for a 3D virtual tour!

Exciting news! Join us – you can now step right in and take a magical 3D virtual tour of all our log cabins and glamping pods holidays.

Leighton Morris 3D-PiWow – this new virtual reality technology is simply amazing and Leighton of 3D-Pi has made a fantastic job of capturing our self-catering holiday accommodation. Standing admiring the view you can almost feel the wind in your hair!

We can guarantee that once you taken the tour you’ll want to book a holiday with us in the stunning Derbyshire Peak District countryside.

3D Virtual Tour

These 3D virtual tours even show a dollshouse view so you can see the layout and floor plan of the each cabin, before zooming into each room for a closer look. It’s so easy to explore all the spaces and even take in the view from the decking.

The process uses cutting edge 3D infra-red camera technology to scan each room in 360 degrees. Leighton worked progressively through each log cabin strategically placing the camera in the right spots to enable the images to be stitched together, a bit like piecing a jigsaw together.

Once each cabin was completely scanned, all of the images were uploaded to Matterport and pulled together to enable the 3D model to be created. It’s a little mind boggling and you might even say magical, but I am sure you’ll agree the result is a seamless, immersive and fun experience.

It’s such fun that I have to keep going back and looking round the cabins. The 3D tours show so much more than a flat photograph and are even more intuitive on a mobile phone. You can clearly see for yourself exactly what our facilities are like before you book – go on take a peek! and if you’re a real techy, and have VR googles for your phone, it’s mind blowing!

With Access in Mind

We hope these new interactive 3D tours will be of great benefit for guests with disabilities, who will be able to see how spacious our accessible log cabins are.There is also a 360 view of the wet rooms, showing the various shower chairs we can provide.

It is often said that a picture paints a thousand words and hopefully this will give guests confidence to select the right cabin for their accessible holiday, and will answer many of the frequently asked questions that you need to know before arrival.

Go glamping

Taking a step inside has particularly worked well in the glamping pods, where it can be difficult to get a good photo as the space is relatively small. We have shown the day time layout with the sofa in Swallow and the night time layout with the bed pulled out in Skylark, to give you an idea of how the space works when you stay.

As you take your 3D virtual tour you will notice all the little extras that we provide so you don’t need to overload the car with unnecessary extra equipment.

In Swallow glamping pod you can also see that you can bring your dog on holiday to enjoy the many wonderful walkies through the Peak District countryside and up onto the High Peak Trail.

The tours are linked so you can jump from one virtual tour to another by clicking on the coloured pins and choosing where to go next. You can journey through all the log cabins and glamping pods before deciding which view you like best and which to book!

It is such a realistic interactive 3D experience that you can easily imagine yourself on holiday here at Hoe Grange, relaxing on the decking, sipping your glass of wine and watching the world go by.


Rural Business Awards Champion of Champions

Jules HudsonAt a glitz and glamour gala evening hosted by Jules Hudson of BBC Countryfile fame, the Rural Business Awards overall Champion of Champions was revealed at Denbies Winery in Surrey on Thursday 5th October.

We thought the competition in the category of Best Rural Tourism Business, of which we were one of 5 finalists, was stiff to say the least. With a diverse group including, an open farm/craft venue employing 50 people, a welsh Eco wedding center, a glamping site in Yorkshire and a stunning holiday cottage in Lancashire, we were resigned to be leaving without a prize.

However when the runner up in our category was Barleylands Farm and craft village there was a glimmer of hope for the top slot. As Jane Headley, Senior Tutor at Harper Adams University, opened the gold envelope Felicity and I were overwhelmed to hear Hoe Grange Holidays from The Derbyshire Peak District announced as the winner!ruralbusinessawardsBest Rural Tourism Business Award

After being presented with the Best Rural Tourism Award on stage before the 300+ audience we were whisked off for photos and interviews.

It was then time to relax and revel in the glory of such a prestigious award. Having removed my jacket and loosened my tie I enjoyed a celebratory glass of the excellent Denbies red wine.

And the overall Champion of Champions are…

At the very end of the evening the co-founders of the Rural Business Awards, Jemma Clifford  and Anna Price, announced the outstanding category of Champion of Champions. The winner was the finalist with the highest overall scores in the highly secretive and technical judging system. Judges marked entries individually so no one knew what the other judges thought or indeed who had won! The atmosphere was electric.

rbaThe judges were unanimous in their decision and you cannot imagine our surprise when the clear winner was announced as Hoe Grange Holidays!

Wow! Stunned and amazed, after a rapid re-dress and quickly retying my tie we made our way to the stage to rapturous applause to receive our second trophy of the evening.

It was all was a bit of a blur and our heads were in a spin, so imagine the shock and horror when they asked us to address the gathering! Thinking on my feet I thanked my wife Felicity for all the hard work over the last 12 years and said that to be recognized in such a way by a host of industry experts was the ultimate reward. I think I may have earned some extra brownie points there!

Felicity added her thanks and said how the teamwork between the two of us was well balanced; with her creative ideas and me keeping a close eye on the purse strings ensuring that as well as having a fantastically inspired business, it remained financially viable!

As well as a scrumptious meal with superb English wines from Denbies, guests were entertained by Faith Tucker, a very talented 17-year-old opera singer.

The evening was sponsored by the Country Landowners Association (CLA) and Amazon and celebrated businesses from all corners of the UK. The finalists in the 13 categories were as diverse as technical fabric producers, butchers, PR companies, software developers, sporting businesses and of course holiday providers. Find out about the other amazing finalists and winners of the Rural Business Awards 2017 here.

Since the Rural Business Awards ceremony life has been quite hectic, appearing on East Midlands Today TV, and Radio Derby breakfast show, to talk about our eco-friendly, accessible self-catering holidays, as well as featuring on many social media platforms and blogs.

Awards co-founder Anna Price said: “We had more entries in our tourism category than any other but Hoe Grange Holidays just blew us away and was a clear winner, not only in this category but of the whole awards. The shortage of holiday providers offering good quality disabled access is shocking and we loved how Hoe Grange was showing such imagination in filling this gap in the market. Huge congratulations to them, and we wish them every success in the future”.

Although back down to earth at home in the Peak District countryside, cleaning log cabins, greeting guests and farming, we are still on cloud nine and celebrating our tremendous achievement!


David and Felicity with their new awards