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Our favourite five Easter Egg Hunts

According to the Christian Bible Good Friday is the day that Christ died on the cross. Jesus then resurrected and came back to life on Easter Sunday, which is why Christians celebrate Easter and the birth of newlife.

Whist prayer and worship are very important to the Christian faith at this time, there are some modern traditions that have become universally popular, including Easter egg hunts, The Easter bunny and David’s favourite food, chocolate!

Why chocolate eggs at Easter?

For most of us Easter isn’t Easter without chocolate eggs! How did this tradition start? In years gone by church leaders forbade the eating of eggs during Holy week leading up to Easter.This meant that any eggs laid during the week were saved and decorated to make them “Holy Week eggs”. These were then given to children as gifts, and so the tradition of Easter eggs began.

Chicken hunting for chocolate eggs

Lucky has already started her Easter Egg Hunt!

easter eggsThe Victorians embellished the tradition creating satin-covered cardboard eggs filled with Easter gifts. Then as chocolate became more affordable and available the cardboards eggs were replaced by tasty chocolate eggs.

I wonder how many chocolate Easter eggs are made today? Cadbury’s alone produce over 50 million Easter eggs per year.

The chocolate Easter bunny is also very popular!

Our favourite five Easter egg hunts:
  1. Hop to it at Chatsworth House, the home of the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire.  There is an ‘egg’citing Easter trail with willow and wicker animals hidden throughout the gardens. Luckily there is a free explorer’s map to help you find them. Join in the Easter themed activities including face painting, musical entertainment, crafts, Easter bunny trailer rides and Easter egg hunts.
  2. If you thought dinosaur eggs only existed in Jurassic Park, you’d be wrong! You might find some at the Heights of Abraham along the prehistoric themed trail. With lots of dinosaur themed activities to entertain the children and a panoramic view from the cable car you’ll all enjoy a fun day out.
  3. Dinosaurs seem to be popular in the Peak District this Easter. You can meet Tricksy the Dinosaur, the UK’s first female animatronic T-Rex at Matlock Farm Park on Easter Monday. At an incredible 6ft tall and over 10ft long, Tricksy the Dinosaur blinks, roars and walks like a real dinosaur.
  4. Join in the Great Egg Hunt at Cromford Mill and not only might you find an egg or two, but you will discover how Arkwright’s Mill, often called the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution, changed the world we live in today. Plenty of ‘egg’citing Easter  activities for all the family, including The Great Egg Hunt, an Owl and Bird Display, family crafts, live music, and the popular Arkwright Artisan Market.
  5. Haddon Hall is often described as ‘the most perfect manor house to survive from the Middle Ages’. Home to the Manners family, the Manor abounds with original features including the medieval kitchens, a banqueting hall, and a 17th century long gallery often used in blockbuster films such as Mary Queen of Scots. You may find the Easter bunny too!
Get up lazy bones

Here on the farm Easter is a busy but wonderful time of year. Our suckler herd of cows are having calves and the new baby lambs are gamboling in the fields. But the most important thing is that the Easter Bunny leaves David some chocolate eggs on Sunday!